Institute for Technology Applications (PT. LAT Trisakti)

Institute for Technology Applications (PT. LAT Trisakti)

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Brief Description

PT LAT Trisakti is an affiliation company belonging to the Faculty of Industrial Technology of Trisakti University (FTI Usakti), established on 1 April 2011, as an external fundraising unit to support FTI Usakti academic activities through business activities in consulting, training and industrial technology development. Operational PT LAT Trisakti is supported by competent human resources, especially from faculty and alumni of FTI Usakti, and facilities of 29 laboratories spread in 4 departments in FTI Usakti, namely Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Informatics Engineering. In addition supported cooperation between FTI Usakti with various institutions, both regional, national and global levels.

Services :
By empowering FTI Usakti resources, PT. LAT Trisakti provides professional consulting services, which include:

Feasibility Study, Policy Development, Human Resource Management and Company Organization, Environmental Impact Study.
Inspection and Testing
Laboratory and Field Testing for Industrial Materials, Energy Audit, Mechanical-Electrical, Information Technology Audit and Environmental Audit.
Planning and Design
Master Plan, Pre-Design, Technical Planning and Cost, Product Design and Industrial System Design and Information.
Project Management and Supervision
Project Management and Supervision of Mechanical and Electrical Activities, Industrial and Business Automation and Education.
Socio-Economic Survey, Industrial and Business Needs, Market Sentiment Survey, Strategic Information Session Survey.

The company utilize the competence and result of industrial technology research and development which has been done by lecturers and alumni experts at FTI Usakti, PT. LAT Trisakti is able to develop and manufacture prototypes and equipment, and is able to provide optimal solutions for superior and competitive industrial and business operations.

C. Development of mySAP365 AGROBUSINESS ERP 
The mySAP365 Agrobusiness ERP is an application made by the nation’s children for the archipelago, mySAP365 was built and Suistanable development mostly by PT LAT Trisakti team. The UI/UX design on mySAP365 is similar to excel, to simplify business processes for plantation companies and ERP implementation among students and alumni.

Training is the core competency of most of PT. LAT Trisakti employee, who have capability on providing professional services, which include:

Professional Training The training package can be tailored to the client’s request and done at the client company’s premises and at the PT LAT Trisakti office. Training materials are prepared comprehensively and tiered for the mastery of science and industry-wide expertise, among others:

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Power and Energy Conservation
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Business Process Improvement
Professional Mechatronic Training Organization Development
Programmable Logic Circuit (PLC) IT Service Management
Microcontroller Design and Engineering Business Continuation Management
Project Management Management Information System
Health and Safety Management Suppy Chain Management

Special Training Services
PT. LAT Trisakti provides special services such as:
1. Certification, with national and international standards through cooperation with competent national/ international institutions in their fields;
2. Seminars / workshops / workshops on current topics.
PT. LAT Trisakti
Hery Hartanto Building 4th Floor – Campus A, Universitas Trisakti
Jalan Kyai Tapa No. 1 Grogol
Jakarta – Indonesia, 11440
Phone: +62 21 56966240
Fax: +62 21 5603841

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